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Hemp Frisbee!

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The iHemp Michigan Fiber Flyer is a product of our member company iHemp Manufacturing. Manufactured with Michigan Hemp Fiber, this is a great demonstration of Farm to Factory to Finished Product!

Grab your iHemp Michigan Hemp Frisbee Fiber Flyer today!

(Allow up to three to six weeks for delivery.)

Interested in your company logo on a hemp Frisbee?


There is too much plastic in the world today and hemp is great a soaking up and sequestering carbon. By offsetting 25% of the virgin polypropylene with Michigan grown hemp fiber we are reducing the amount of plastics while growing a carbon negative crop. Michigan’s outdoor recreation market generates $26.6 Billion dollars in revenue with over 232,000 direct jobs that earn $7.5 Billion in wages and saleries which generate $2.1 Billion in state and local tax revenue. Did you know that 63% of Michigan residents participate in outdoor recreation activities? What is more universal than a Frisbee?

The Frisbee demonstrates our circular economy. Efforts are being developed to promote a recycling program to further offset the amount of virgin polypropylene in the Frisbees. Be a part of the change!

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