LaBudde Group Inc

We are currently drying industrial hemp at our Akron, MI facility. We have two large triple pass rotary drum dryers that are capable of drying 10-12,000 wet lbs per hr of mechanically harvested hemp. Yes, up to 288,000 wet lbs per day. Current drying rates are negotiable based on timing and volume. No in & out fees, no packaging fees etc. Customers drop off their product, we dry it in a fully contained system, record all drying data (temps, moisture etc.) every half hr. place in a large spout top/spout bottom super sac (approx. 1500 lbs per sac), label each sac with all of your desired information (customer name, strain, field, moisture etc.) then place on a slip sheet & pallet and load into a van trailer all for the agreed upon “per dry LB” price. We currently have openings as of 11/11. We can also provide rail service, trans-loading, storage, screening, grinding and bagging services at both of our MI facilities. (Our drying system is located in Akron and our other facility is located on M-46 in Vassar)
Our company is family owned and has been serving the agricultural industry since 1907. Our core business today is in the pet food industry.
Our main office is located in Cedarburg, WI where we have a strong team of traders that can help with sales & marketing. Our sister company is also located in Cedarburg, ‘Lawndale Logistics’ to help with all your freight needs./p>

Contact: Joseph Pomeroy
(989) 550-5714

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