Michigan Hemp Solutions

We offer Craft CO2 Supercritical Processing for golden full spectrum oil with the highest yields of CBD,CBx, and terpenes. Temperature and pressure correction parameters are in place for the preservation of terpenes with efficient separation of trichomes from the plant material . MHS lab offers a safe quality and high standard oil that is repeatable. Our lab is adjustable to derive the terpenes and cannabinoids that your business is specifically looking for. We take the extract through a winterization process leaving you with a golden full spectrum oil.

We provide farmers with Trilogene Seeds, elite hemp genetics from Trilogene Seed with over 60+ cultivars, offering 99%+ feminized seed with 90%+ germination rates! Trilogene seeds high cannabinoid and terpene level offer farmers cultivars for optimal extraction efficiency and smokable flower. Part of our value added service is 5 free potency test during flower to help maximize your CBD ratio while remaining within Federal limits before harvest.
Michigan Hemp Solutions also offers 72 count flats of ready to plant plugs grown in our Michigan greenhouses plants.

We also offer hang drying, bucking and packaging solutions in a security armed climate controlled facility.

Contact: Benjamin Martin
(269) 348-1567

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