Stony Lake Naturals

We are a seed to sale certified organic farm in New Era, Michigan near Stony Lake.  We are beyond organic, in that we do not use pesticides or fertilizers, but we also do not irrigate or use any applications whatsoever, i.e. 100% Natural.  We keep the microorganisms alive with our farming practices and let them continue to build the soil naturally.

We harvest and process by hand, using a 5400sf climate controlled building where we slow dry the hemp for 7-10 days.  We use a gas flush soft air vacuum packing machine to pack our finished flower once it is bucked and trimmed.  Our remaining biomass is processed into distillate oil in our extraction room and then manufactured into our finished products.  We are currently working on getting our extraction/manufacturing room certified organic too.

Besides our growing ecommerce at, we offer for wholesale certified organic flower, full spectrum distillate and any custom made white label CBD products.  Please feel to call Alex Felt at 231-343-4996 or email us at

Contact: Alex Felt
(231) 343-4996

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