2020 Midwest Hempies

Recognizing all things hemp and rewarding those who are leading the way in the emerging hemp industry. As we celebrate, let’s recognize and reward a charity. We have selected the Critter Barn as the benefactor of our massive hemp prize raffle.


Raffle Tickets


The Contest

We invited anyone who makes a hemp product to submit for judging. There is also an Innovation category where a company could be nominated.

Our panel of judges gathered with the products and used a well crafted criteria to score each submission. The scores were then tabulated by Robert F. Murray & Co. CPA’s PC. The suspense is building and the results will be announced live at 7 pm est on January 23rd.


Each participant in the Hempies competition also donated an item to our grand Hempies prize basket. The basket is overflowing and is valued at over $400! Thank you to the generostity of the contest participants. 

Learn more about The Critter Barn.

Thank you to our sponsors…

The Hemp Mine Logo
The Hemp Mine Logo
Special guest

Matthew Human

While searching for a fun song as the Hempies theme, we found a song by Matthew Human & The Human Revolution that resonated. It was the 2007 Marijuana Music Awards Best Music Video hosted by Tree of Life.

Long time ago!

We found Matthew in Costa Rica and invited him to our party and he said yes! Enjoy the video from 2007 below.

Hempy Lounge

Bring your friends and hang out here or pop in and meet a new friend! The Hempy Lounge will be open and unmoderated both Friday and Saturday during the Expo. As always, we expect you to behave as good hempies and play nice:)

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(Fri & Sat 9:00 am – 6:00 pm)


6:30 pm EST Jan 23 - Networking

The Hempies Lounge will be open all day Friday and Saturday to gather together as you wish. At 6:30 pm Saturday we gather in preperation for the Hempy Awards.

7 pm EST Jan 23 - Hempy Awards

The winners of the 2020 Midwest Hempy Awards are announced!

Further networking after the official pronouncements!

Hempy Award


Benefita 1000 mg cbd tincture


1000 mg CBD Tincture
THC Free


1000 mg CBD Full Spectrum Tincture
Cinnamon Flavor

Benefita Lotion


2500 mg CBD Lotion
Full Spectrum

Benefita 2500 mg CBD Roll On


2500 mg Muscle Roll On
Full Spectrum

maple syrup

Celtic Acres

Hemp Bag

hemperors hemp seed oil

Down On The Farm

Hemperor’s Hemp Seed Oil
Michigan Grown & Pressed Hemp Seed

cherry flavored cbd tincture

Great Lakes Hemp Supplements

1000 mg CBD Cherry Tincture
Full Spectrum


Great Lakes Hemp Supplements

1mg CBD per Cherry

HOH Hempnotize Immune Support Soft Gel

HOH Hempnotize

CBD 101

HOH Hempnotize Immune Support Soft Gel

HOH Hempnotize

Immune Support Softgels

jubilee cbd tincture


1000 mg CBD Tincture
Full Spectrum


Pott Farms

Topical CBD Salve
250 mg CBD

jubilee cbd tincture

Sutton Weed Farm

Maple Sugar

HOH Hempnotize Immune Support Soft Gel

Sutton Weed Farms

CBD Gummies, Face Mask, Tinctures, Roll-On

HOH Hempnotize Immune Support Soft Gel

Sutton Weed Farms

Pancake Mix

maple syrup

Sutton Weed Farm

Maple Syrup

Turtle Pond Botanicals

Turtle Pond Botanicals

Chocolate Peanut Butter CBD Balls Recipe

40 mg CBD per ball, 25 balls

Raffle to Benefit

Critter Barn

Critter Barn

“Farmers Feed The World!”

People of all ages will explore our working farm while they learn “family farm” stories from around our State, the US and the world. With the help of producers involved in developing countries, friends from Michigan Agribusiness, and an alliance with iHemp Michigan, we will continue to be a voice to the general public and children of all ages about farming….including the story of Hemp.

Thank You Video

Thank you Hemp Farmers!

How to enter the raffle

Raffle tickets are one for $10, three for $25 or ten for $50. Proceeds benefit the programs at the Critter Barn.

The Grand Prize for the Raffle is large bundle of donated items from the Hempie Awards Contest. Over $400 worth of products!


The Hempie Photo Contest

Click on an image to view

Hempie Innovation Entries


CBD 101 by HOH Hempnotize

Educational brochure on Cannabinoids and their uses.

Chocolate Nutty Peanut Butter Balls recipe by Turtle Pond Botanicals

The Beast Hemp Decordicator invented by Bill Beard


Special thanks to Squire Babcock for turning this bowl out of a block of hempwood!

hempies award bowl

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