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Our Mission: To educate, inform and promote the research, development, and cultivation of industrial hemp in Michigan.

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Hemp has the Power to Impact Our Future, and We’re Doing Something About It

iHemp Michigan has hosted events around Michigan to educate farmers about growing hemp. Our extensive list of expert speakers has included Jeff Kostuik of Hemp Genetics Intl., Michigan Senator Dan Lauwers, hemp farmer Tom Garrison of South Carolina, Gina Alessandri of MDARD (Michigan Department of Agricultural and Rural Development), Josh Barrett of  COMI Farms, Marty Mahan of Indiana Farmers Union to name a few. We are committed to bringing you the very best information and experience to prepare for your success. Together we can jump start the industrial hemp industry in Michigan as we educate the public about hemp and its many benefits. Please use this site as a resource to learn about hemp and share the knowledge. 


The low hanging fruit for the next couple of years is growing flower for CBD oil.


The hemp seed is high in protein and essential fatty acids Omega-3 & 6.

Long strong fiber

Noted for strength and durability, hemp fiber will play a growing role in the future.

Durable fiber

The inner hurd is used for fiberboard, hempcrete, insulation, bedding and more.

Happening Now

USDA Issues First Certification for Organic Hemp

USDA Issues First Certification for Organic Hemp

While many turn to CBD to avoid the many side effects of traditional medicine, you have to wonder what is in the CBD your buying. There have been many well-covered studies that show that CBD product labeling falls well short of the mark. Who can you trust?...

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This has been so informative. I am really over-whelmed right now. A ton of information was given. Thank you!

- Kim H

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