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iHemp Michigan is a member-based organization representing hemp farmers, seed cultivators, processors, manufacturers and hemp businesses statewide.

Our members are engaged in defining industrial hemp’s path to success, from seed to sale and beyond.

We are committed to empowering hemp farmers, fueling industry leaders, and educating consumers to ensure hemp flourishes in the Midwest.

We work to promote responsible and fair regulation, provide grower education, and enable full access to the evolving marketplace.

iHemp Michigan advocates for wellness in people and the planet through hemp…and it begins with the farmer.

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We offer events focused on the industrial hemp market as a whole from ground to retail shelves, as well as educational content. Our programs are designed to educate the layman about the plant history, varieties, uses and the future of the industry.

IHemp Hour

iHemp Michigan broadcasts a live streaming video show to interview those making progress with industrial hemp.

The show airs a couple of times each month on Thursdays at noon and is hosted by IHemp Michigan’s Blain Becktold and Dave Crabill with special guest host Mike Brennan, Editor of Michigan Marijuana Report. The iHemp Hour will feature topics relevant to the industrial hemp industry.

“We are committed to providing critically needed information and updates during these unprecedented times,” said Blain Becktold of iHemp Michigan.

Midwest iHemp Expo

We bring experts together to answers to answer tough questions. Learn more about the Industrial Hemp supply chain, growing techniques and rules, processing opportunities and legal ramifications.

The 2020 Midwest iHemp Expo was attended by over 1,200 industry in-person participants. The 2021 Expo was virtual, and the recorded content is available here.

The 2022 Midwest iHemp Expo was held in March. We invited speakers from American’s For Safe Access and the amount of content delivered was overwhelming. 

The audience at the Midwest iHemp Expo includes farmers, processors, manufacturers, suppliers, and entrepreneurs. They will be there to learn and connect with others in this exciting new green industry.

Hemponomics 102

After a long prohibition on all Cannabis Sativa plants, over 15,000 acres of industrial hemp was grown in Michigan in 2019. Learn about the success and failures for the first growing season and where the industry is going.

This is a twenty to thirty-minute presentation with questions and answers. We have presented this information in nine communities throughout Michigan.

Contact us to schedule a presentation.

Meet the Board of Directors

Blain Becktold

Blain Becktold


Blain is one of the founding members of iHemp Michigan. Blain was a County Executive Director of the USDA Farm Service Agency for 27 years, administering Government Farm Programs to farmers. After retiring in 2011 from USDA, he formed Down On The Farm, a consulting service to assist farmers through the maze of government paperwork with the goal of receiving program benefits. Blain helps farmers and the hemp industry meet compliance with the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) & Good Agriculture Collection Practices with handbooks and third-party audits required by buyers and current industry regulations..

Blain manufacturers Hemp Seed Oil, Hemp Protein Flour, Hemp Protein Cake and Hemp Hearts and is a supplier of hemp bedding. He also is a seed dealer for fiber and grain genetics and offers a decortication service, including CBD stalks.

Down On The Farm

Jen Nelson

Jen Nelson

Vice President

As the visionary owner and founder of Modrütz Botanical Company, she emerges as a trailblazing figure in the Michigan hemp industry, igniting innovation and setting standards. Her profound passion for hemp’s potential has become the driving force behind a career committed to revolutionizing the industry. Currently in her second term as Vice President of iHemp Michigan, she brings a wealth of experience and a relentless dedication to advancing the hemp sector.
With a comprehensive understanding of every facet of the hemp industry, she navigates through cultivation, processing, marketing, and advocacy. Her leadership at Modrütz Botanical Company is a testament to a commitment to excellence, sustainability, and pushing the boundaries of what hemp can achieve. A true pioneer in action shaping the future of the Michigan hemp industry, uniting expertise with an unbridled passion amongst the iHemp Board of Directors.


Becky Becktold

Becky Becktold

Secretary / Treasurer

Becky spent 44 years in the legal field as a legal assistant / paralegal, retiring in 2020. Currently, she spends time assisting her husband, Blain Becktold, with his consulting business Down On The Farm, and assists iHemp Michigan with membership as well as serving as its Board Secretary and Treasurer.

Becky enjoys reading, spending time with their 7 grandchildren, and keeping the family organized.

Dennis Dean

Dennis Dean


A life long farmer with 35 years of teaching experience, Dennis added a hemp crop to his cherry operation in 2019. This began Lakeland Hemp LLC which offers a one stop online experience for all things CBD.

With the addition of a hemp genetics operation, www.lakelandhemp.com presently carries over 20 unique high quality CBD strains as well as isolate, kief, rosins, lotions, salves, tinctures and clones. Dennis’ goal is to educate fellow farmers and the public on the benefits of hemp products in their lives and for our planet.

Michigan Hemp Farm & CBD Company

Blake Klumpp

Blake Klumpp


Blake Klumpp is a prominent figure in the hemp and CBD industry, boasting a comprehensive involvement across its various facets. With a rich background spanning cultivation, drying, processing, and finished product manufacturing, Blake has been an integral part of the industry since 2018, serving as the COO of Ag Marvels.

Under his leadership, Ag Marvels has expanded its reach globally, conducting business operations across the world in hemp and CBD. Blake is also deeply committed to fostering growth in his home state of Michigan. He envisions a future where Michigan thrives as a hub for hemp and CBD, leveraging its potential for innovation and production. Through his leadership and dedication, Blake aims to continue shaping the industry, ensuring both global expansion and the flourishing of Michigan’s market.

Ag Marvels

Joel Milinsky

Joel Milinsky


• A proactive external and internal advocate to integrate instructional technologies into
the mainstream employee usage within corporate, industrial and educational institutions.

• Strong innovative leadership in curriculum development and program implementation
involving oversight of team members using instructional technologies for educational /
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• Collaborative focused course development products for effective uses of classrooms, hardware, and software, and media for internal and external delivery,

• Implementation and maintained the code of ethics relating to copyright and licensing

• Utilized creative and collaborative efforts to simplify and stabilize the implementation of standardization practices and cost management supporting assessment and innovation in multi learning styles.

• Demonstrates an ability to maintain high levels of communication between the partners, instructors and students to deliver programs.

• Strong creative abilities and skills along with strong technical abilities and skills in the usage of software and hardware to apply and create multimedia-rich course content for self-directed learners.

• Supportive by providing technical support to a diverse technology user population of
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• Innovated working with telepresence technology equipment and software such as video, audio, online/web-based technology and software tools, and other emerging technology as it becomes available.

Cody Ley

Cody Ley


Cody Ley is a Michigan based farmer and founder of Hemp 4 Humanity. With an educational background in Chemistry and a diverse experience in the cannabis/hemp industry ranging from cultivation to processing Cody started H4H with a goal to provide plant based housing solutions that are built in cooperation with the natural environment.

Since 2021 H4H has worked on building and supporting the Michigan hemp supply chain from the farm up. They use 100% Michigan grown hemp to create all natural health supplements of which a portion of the proceeds go towards building accessible and sustainable healthy hempcrete housing with their crew of licensed contractors specializing in hemp lime applications.

Hemp 4 Humanity

David Crabill

David Crabill


Late in 2018, John Freeman approached Dave to help organize an education event. Dave has been hooked on the hemp community since the first iHemp Michigan event on January 26, 2019. He brought his graphic design, website development, and technical skills to begin what became a rapid series of events through 2019 and the execution of the Midwest’s first Industrial Hemp Expo – 2020 Midwest iHemp Expo, January 10-11, 2020.

Since the legalization of industrial hemp in 2019, Dave has gained experience in every aspect of growing, processing, and formulation of products using hemp, including both CBD products as well as Frisbees. Dave owns a marketing agency, Advantage Intelligent Marketing,  and is active both playing and organizing ice hockey under the Gears.Beer brand. 

Advantage Intelligent Marketing

John Freeman

John Freeman

Member At Large

John is a Marine with a vision. His committment and dedication to creating an industrial hemp industry for Michigan is second to none. A Vietnam War Veteran, John worked in a variety of capcities in the City of Flint, most involved in environmental issues. He is retired and enjoys travel.

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