Hemp Fiber

Technology is being built and refined for decortication of hemp into the usable fiber. On this page, you will find videos showing the process in action. The end goal is to process the stalk and flower of cannabis into the end product. 

The fiber is being used with lime to create structural concrete with increased strength and no toxins. Fibers can be used for particle board, insulation, clothing, shoes, roofing materials and much much more. The applications are endless.

One acre of hemp will produce between four to ten tons of fiber valued at $200 per ton or more as the market matures. Consumer demand for eco-friendly, renewable resources is growing globally.

During our January meeting at Flint Factory One, we will provide resources to connect with manufacturers of hemp processing equipment.

To get an idea of the market, look at clothing sold by Jungmaven and Pantagonia.

The D8 by Canna Systems is demonstrated in the video below. Skip ahead about minutes to see it in action.

Here is the link to the brochure: https://cannasystems.ca/pdf/D-8+Brochure.pdf

Hemp Fiber Articles

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Bruce Dietzen, Founder, Carbon Negative Fiber, Renew Sports Cars joins the iHemp Hour

Renew Design (parent of Renew Sports Cars) pursues Henry Ford’s vision of a world where everything possible is made from carbon neutral or negative plant materials… from the cars we drive, to the buildings we live in, to the “meat” we eat. For more information about...
Cole Gibbs from Dama Distributing on the iHemp Hour

Cole Gibbs from Dama Distributing on the iHemp Hour

After seeing all of the single-use plastic waste being created by the Cannabis and Hemp industries, with no solution in sight, Cole Gibbs founded Dama Distributing to pioneer the development of sustainable hemp plastic and compliant packaging solutions for the...

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Hemp Decorticating by Canna Systems on the iHemp Hour

Hemp Decorticating by Canna Systems on the iHemp Hour

Dave Greer of Canna Systems shows off their R-2 decorticator and plans for a strategic alliance. iHemp Michigan's mission is to educate, inform and promote the research, development, and cultivation of industrial hemp in Michigan. iHemp Michigan advocates for wellness...

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Tom Dermody of PanXchange on the iHemp Hour

Tom Dermody of PanXchange on the iHemp Hour

Tom is a hemp industry veteran with a specialty in non- and for-profit program development. These experiences have made him keenly aware and a recognized thought leader of the hemp market's inter-workings. Tom leads industrial (grain and fiber) coverage on behalf of...

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