Jordan Hinshaw from GreenTek Planet talks Hemptensils™ and other Hemp containers on the iHemp Hour

January 28, 2021

“Everyday, we acknowledge the Bigger Picture. 15% of all Carbon Emissions and 10+ Million tons of waste are produced per year from petroleum plastics, much of which ends up in the ocean. At this rate, a giant, Godzilla-like Plastic Monster is destined to come to shore asking questions.” Greentek’s goal is to provide eco-friendly goods at affordable prices without compromising performance. Sustainability is at the very heart of their business; having seen 3 economic crashes in 20 years, they believe it to be the most dearly missed aspect of all. Their dedication to environmental sustainability is always kept in that perspective as they find new ways to make good things cheaper, so everyone can use them. “By choosing Hemptensils™ you are doing your share to help the environment, strengthen the economy, and benefit the generations to come. Stick with us for the Ride, it’s Worth it.”

For more info on GreenTek Planet or Hemptensils™, visit:

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