Industrial Hemp Conferences

Pictured is our first event, January 26, 2019, with over 100 attendees. Michigan Senator Dan Lauwers shared his passion for farming hemp. He has been instrumental in promoting industrial hemp in Michigan.



We hosted a total of nine events in 2019 and a major Expo in January of 2020. Visit our Events page for what is next. On this page we will update resources provided by speakers and industry leaders.

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2021 Midwest iHemp Expo

2021 Midwest iHemp Expo – Virtual

Industrial Hemp breakout presentations that are educational and engaging are waiting for you to view! You have 19 to choise from including topics such as Phyto Remediators – How to Protect Your Crop and the Planet, MSU CBD & Hemp Grain Trials, Healthy and Sustainable Production of Medicines from Hemp, Midwestern Hemp Database Roundtable, The Future of Hemp in Household & Industrial Products, Business Roundtable including Carhartt, Mohawk Fine Papers, Amway and The Hemp Plastic Company, Hemp Market Outlooks and more…

Click the button below to the Agenda to select a program to view.

Hemponomics Events

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