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Midwest iHemp Expo Welcome Address


Blain Becktold
Founder, iHemp Michigan

David Crabill
Founder, iHemp Michigan

John Freeman
Founder, iHemp Michigan

Hemp Phyto Remediators - How to Protect Your Crop and the Planet


In this session, the discussion will be phytoremediation from a scientific standpoint, what testing should be done to ensure safety of products made from hemp and discuss organic and regenerative practices that provide value to your business and ultimately your customer.

Jesse D Miller, PhD

Healthy and Sustainable Production of Medicines from Hemp


The impacts of a multitude of production methods including botanical extraction, conversion, biosynthesis, inorganic synthesis, and cannabimimetic compounds. Participants will gain valuable knowledge for guiding long-term strategic positioning in the hemp products market with a focus on human health and sustainability.

Adam Rosenberg
Vlasic Labs

The Future of Hemp in Household & Industrial Products


Engagement and collaboration are critical in establishing industrial buyers of hemp. Securing the supply chain will need to involve industry, research, processing facilities, genetic variations of hemp, and the farmer.

Gary Schuler
Founder/CEO, GTF Solutions

Business Roundtable: Breaking Down the Hemp Holdup


Amway, Carhartt, Mohawk Fine Papers, The Hemp Plastic Company, and more

Hemp is a sustainable solution for making 1,000 things. The question most growers are wondering is, when will those things start being made?

Over the past year, iHemp has connected with some of Michigan’s top manufacturers to open the conversation about hemp’s potential. The research and development departments of some of our top companies are taking a hard look at hemp in manufacturing.

The business roundtable will feature key people from Amway, Carhartt, Mohawk Fine Papers and others to discuss what’s happening, what’s on the horizon and what manufacturers need to start realizing industrial hemp’s potential.

Brandon Iker, PhD

Plant Scientist
Lisa Miller

Manager, Global Products RD
Mohawk Fine Papers
Gavin L. Gaynor

Vice President, Research and Development

The Hemp Plastic Company
Greg Dean

Chief Commercial and Operations Officer

2021: A Year of Promise for Hemp Policy on Capitol Hill and State Capitals


2020 was a difficult year for most Americans — and hemp farmers and businesses were no exception. However, 2021 offers great promise, particularly in terms of legislative and regulatory developments in Washington, DC and in state capitals across the country. Jonathan Miller will provide an overview of the big policy battles ahead of us for the industry, and how you can help advocate for hemp and CBD.

Jonathan Miller
General Counsel, U.S. Hemp Roundtable

2021 Growing Regulations & Updates


Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development (MDARD)

An update on rules and regulations for Michigan growers in 2021.

Gina Alessandri
Industrial Hemp Program Director, MDARD

2020 MSU CBD and Grain Hemp Variety Trial Results


Join Dr. DeDecker for a review of results from 2020 variety trials testing 32 CBD and 14 grain/fiber lines at multiple locations in Michigan. Craig VanBuren will add insight into the hemp varieties that were tested under the Michigan Hemp Program.

James DeDecker, PhD
MSU Upper Peninsula Research and Extension Center

Craig VanBuren
Laboratory Division Director, MDARD

Midwestern Hemp Database Roundtable


This panel will have a lively discussion on Hemp Agronomy and Integrated Pest Management. Bring your questions and get answers from this outstanding group of researchers.

James DeDecker, PhD
MSU Upper Peninsula Research and Extension Center

Ryan Farmer
MSU Extension

Esther Shekinah, PhD
Michael Fields Agricultural Institute

Phillip Alberti
University of Illinois Extension

Shelby Ellison, PhD
University of Wisconsin – Madison

Marguerite Bolt
Purdue Extension

Eric Anderson
MSU Extension

Kurt Thelen, PhD
MSU Extension

Seeing Hemp Clearly – Building Trust and Transparency Through Self-Regulation


While the hemp industry is awaiting FDA regulations, the need for self-regulation became clear. In this session, Dr. Weintraub will discuss how manufacturing and distributing standards, farming best practices, and third-party independent audits can help protect your business and your customers.

Marielle Weintraub, PhD
President, U.S. Hemp Authority

Hemp Markets Outlook


Chase has been reporting on hemp and the hemp markets. He will explore the hemp market and what trends he is observing in the hemp industry.

Jeffrey will talk about what buyers are looking for in hemp products and the hemp smokable market.

Chase Hubbard
The Jacobsen

Jeffrey Cole
U.S. Hemp Brokerage LLC

Hemp in the Building and Construction Industry


Understanding how hemp genetics and processing for industrial applications affect finished goods.

Eric McKee
US Hemp Building Association

Hemp & Carbon Sequestration


Long-time publisher and hemp advocate shares his insight and knowledge about the opportunities for hemp as a carbon sequestration tool.

James Vosper
President, Australian Industrial Hemp Alliance

Building Your CBD Brand from Field to Shelf - Start with a Plan A but have a Plan B!


Come learn about the opportunities and challenges of launching a CBD business and the questions you might not have thought to ask. The feeling of “I don’t know what I don’t know” is a very common feeling when starting and growing a CBD business.

Join Lori for key “insight gems” and knowledge to help better navigate tough business and even tougher branding challenges. You’ll walk away with tangible action steps to grow your CBD business and experience more confidence in your help journey.

Lori Putt
Founder, HOH Hempnotize

The 2020 Midwest Hempies Awards Ceremony


Scott Clow, Master of Ceremonies

Blain Becktold
Founder, iHemp Michigan

Farmer Tales


Special Guests with real life experience.

Mark Vollmar
Organic Farmer

Nate Wittkamp
Wittkamp Grain and Vegetable LLC

How Hemp Can Save The Planet


Most everything around us could be made out of Hemp… thereby sequestering billions of tons of CO2.

Bruce Dietzen
Founder, Carbon Negative Fiber

Hemp Fiber - Where are the Markets?


Cooperatives and Market Access – how a group of Indiana farmers formed a cooperative to open their own fiber processing facility.

Marty Mahan
Heartland Hemp Cooperative

Hemp as Livestock Feed


Hunter will provide a 2021 update on the Hemp Feed Coalition’s work to gain Federal approval for hemp as an animal feed ingredient.

Hunter Buffington
Executive Director, Hemp Feed Coalition

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