Dr. Fabio Rodi and Cristina Cecchetti of Icon Processors Discusses the Wellness Benefits of All-Natural Plant Derivatives

Icon Processors was founded by Dr. Fabio Rodi after years of first-hand experience in witnessing the wellness benefits of all-natural plant derivatives, in particular CBD from hemp. Free from many of the side effects of common pharmaceuticals, CBD and other cannabinoids present in hemp-offered viable alternatives for helping sufferers of pain and inflammation, difficulty sleeping or relaxing, depression and other ailments. Almost a decade ago, Dr. Fabio decided it was his calling to become a pioneer in producing cannabinoid-based products from hemp and thus helped the industry grow into the now soon to be over $21B industry that it is today. Icon, with product and R&D facilities in MI, VT, and MA, has since become a major producer of CBD-based consumer products through three successful targeted brands and white label partners. 

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