Jen Nelson from Mid Michigan Hemp Supply and Jeff Kostuik from Hemp Genetics International Talk All-Things-Hemp on the iHemp Hour

Jen Nelson is a fervid female hemp industry leader in Michigan, who isn’t new to the value of the hemp plant and its uses. Her dream and passion as a child – and still today – are to help heal the planet and its people. With over 12+ years in the marijuana industry and a lifetime of respect for the environment, Jen saw the critical demand to help make an impact by quickly pushing the hemp industry further for the sake of our grandchildren’s children. As an environmentalist and hemp entrepreneur, she created The Michigan Hemp for Clean Water Initiative which aims to clean up contaminated waterways in Michigan with hemp.

The specific Cannabinoid CBD sparked her interest in 2011 when the Stanley Brothers developed their “Charlotte’s Web” CBD tincture for a young child suffering with seizures. Jen has a rare genetic condition which has affected her health in a multitude of ways and after decades of western medicines and procedures, she knew there had to be a better way. She wanted to help bring the accessibility of CBD products to everyone who needed them.

Jen currently works at Mid Michigan Hemp Supply, a “Soil-to-Oil” vertically integrated business concept. She is the company’s Executive Assistant, Lead Farm Consultant, Head of Research and Development, and Clone Production Specialist. She helps grow and supply hemp genetics, products and services our industry can count on. Jen is also a CBD product consultant for MMD Holistic Medicine CBD Superstore, a subsidiary company to Mid Michigan Hemp Supply, representing and supplying CBD products we can trust.

When the Farm Bill passed in 2018, she knew exactly what she needed to do – join forces and align with like-minded, passionate people in the hemp and CBD industries. Jen’s goal is to educate, cultivate and bring hemp products and services to life with easy access for all who dream the dream of a better future, both environmentally and medicinally.

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Jeff Kostuik is the Director of Operations Central Canada, US & International of Hemp Genetics International (HGI). Jeff’s career path has naturally evolved from a love of agriculture and the ‘family farm.’ Called upon for his knowledge gained from the farm along with his applied research background in the hemp industry, Jeff has an innate ability of relating with producers, colleagues and fellow professionals alike. Jeff is known for his ‘real life’ experience in the field. Equally renowned as having a strong applied research background providing bench marks in the hemp industry which has assisted in the success of producers and colleagues in the burgeoning hemp industry. Jeff is passionate about hemp and the opportunities that are available whether it be through the use of the fiber, grain, oil or as a nutraceutical.

Jeff studied Agriculture at the University of Manitoba and in 2012 obtained a BGS from Athabasca University where he graduated with distinction. He is a Certified Crop Advisor and is a member of the Manitoba Institute of Agrologists. Jeff was featured in a recent issue of the Manitoba Cooperator, providing his insight into the hemp industry in this well known, provincial publication. He has authored a chapter on hemp agronomy for the book “Industrial Hemp as a Modern Commodity Crop” along with the late Dr. David Williams of the University of Kentucky. Jeff is a past director of the CHTA and still is the chair for the National variety Trials.

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