Jamie Campbell Petty, Executive Director of the Midwest Hemp Council discusses gaps in supply chain, smokable hemp and farmer-friendly regs

We have our good friend Jamie Campbell Petty, the Executive Director of the Midwest Hemp Council on this week’s iHemp Hour! Midwest Hemp Council’s mission is to act as a credible information center, a trusted policy advocate and a dedicated trade organization for the hemp industry in the Midwest and beyond. As part of its mission, MHC educates farmers, small businesses and policymakers on the importance of farmer-friendly policies and the critical need to build out the appropriate infrastructure for each sector of the exploding hemp economy. MHC’s 250+ members represent 23 states and two countries, and all are focused on building and promoting the hemp supply chain from seed to shelf.

For more info on Midwest Hemp Council, visit www.midwesthempcouncil.com.

Learn about the emerging cannabis industry and get involved in our path to a sustainable future through hemp. Visit https://ihempmichigan.com.

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