April Hemp Building Event

April 21, 2023

Thank you to Professor Glenn Wilcox and the Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning for hosting our event.

We covered a lot of ground over the day. Cody Ley of Hemp 4 Humanity covered the science of building with hemp lime. We even got our hands dirty with a quick mix and mold project where attendees were able to take a hemp lime sample home for show and tell.

Cody Ley
hemp lime block samples

Professor Glenn Wilcox displayed his press mold-formed hemp samples.

The mold was put to use to make samples.

Wilcox also displayed his recent project using mycelium to make a stool.  Like hemp, fungi or mycelium is being used as a sustainable building material.


hemp block press mold
hempcrete molds

Pictured above are Wilcox’s press or slip mold and some PVC pipe sections used as molds to make block samples.

A H Meyer South Dakota

Pictured are Ramon, JB Meyer, Dave Crabill, Kevin Barlow, Cody Ley, and Jared Hasleton.

Rabon, JB, Kevin and Jared drove 15 hours from their home in South Dakota. Their company, A H Meyer & Sons, farm honey and hemp and are firing up a Fiber Track 660 Decorticator to produce hemp fiber products.

Big thanks to Cody Ley, Glenn Wilcox, Joel Milinsky, Kriste Walsh, Douglas Allan, and Kim Croes for their help to put the event together. Look for more events each month as we work hard to promote a sustainable future through help.

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