Hemp Field Days & Harvest Tips

September 29, 2023

You are invited to a hemp field day in Cannelburg, Indiana. This event will take place at a commercial hemp field and you will have the opportunity to hear from the farmer and see a beautiful hemp crop. If the timing and weather work out, they may bring the combine out to harvest.

Registration is required for this free event. More details and the registration link can be found here.

The field day to be hosted by Cody of Hemp 4 Humanity has been canceled. Unfortunately, there were challenges with the fiber crop.

Let us know of any successful harvests of any variety of hemp this season. I’m confident that the number of acres will increase next season as demand returns.

In Michigan we can grow up to twelve Cannabis plants at each household. There are some rules as to the visibility and access to the plants to respect, but this gives us a great opportunity to experiment with growing this amazing plant.

Share your growing experience with us and any tips to share!

For those growing a few plants in your back yard, consider some large amber Ball quart glass jars and Boveda 62% Two Way Humidity Packs. Ball makes these cool wood lids that seal and look great also!

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