Annie Rouse is a dedicated hemp entrepreneur, educator and activist who has spent the last 10 years building a sustainable supply chain for hemp products through her manufacturing and formulations entity, OP Innovates, and her suite of branded products including Overcome, Nature’s Hemp Oil, Hemp Mellow and Anavii Health. Annie earned a US Fulbright Scholarship to study the environmental life cycle of the Canadian hemp supply chain, received her BS in Economics and a Masters in International Environmental Policy and an MBA. In her free time, Annie is the writer and producer of her podcast series, Anslinger: The untold cannabis conspiracy – an interview-narration style podcast highlighting Big Pharma’s role in cannabis prohibition analyzed from 10 years of archival research. She is also the founder and Board Member of Friends of Hemp, a non-profit advancing the value of hemp by engaging our communities. She serves on the Board of Directors to the Hemp Industries Association, US Hemp Authority and US Hemp Roundtable. To explore more about Annie and her journey visit her blog, Think Hempy Thoughts.

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