The emerging Cannabis and Industrial Hemp industries have a new “acting” executive director at the Cannabis Regulatory Agency, Brian Hanna. Hanna served as a manager of field operations, inspections, and investigations for five years under Andrew Brisbo. Brisbo is off to his new job as the director of Michigan’s Bureau of Construction Codes.

Hanna served in Afghanistan from 2010-11 as a captain in the US Army Reserve. After the military, he went into law enforcement for the Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s department and then the Michigan State Police. 

The Cannabis market development has been a rough road. While the state profits from high licensing fees the market is being flooded by both licensed and unlicensed products. The value of an ounce of recreational flower is down below $100 from a high of up to $400. Sales volume continues to grow, but many in the market are unable to make a profit. Consolidation and cheaper growing processes are becoming the norm. 

It is concerning to see the damage done to Cannabis businesses due to the lack of a clear vision for the future of the commodity. This is seen in the industrial hemp markets as well. We have a lot to learn yet about genetics and practical uses for hemp and the support isn’t coming from our legislators. Other states are building impressive supply chains for industrial hemp processing and we are in a market full of risk and expenses.

We need leadership in the Cannabis industry to lead our market to maturity with a mix of craft and commercial offerings. At this current rate, we will find our industry led by a few well funding companies putting out sub-prime products. We can do a lot better. This plant offers a variety of uses and we are in a continual state of learning. There is so much more than the THC % to focus on for both people and the planet.


Dave Crabill
President, iHemp Michigan


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