Canadian Hemp Fiber and Grain Seeds

May 6, 2022

UniSeeds Inc. is a professional seed business that develops and distributes high-quality industrial hemp seed. We are farmers serving farmers, with a goal to improve life through plant genetics by working collaboratively with our peers to serve the agricultural market, increase hemp production and generate agronomic knowledge that maximizes productivity.

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This year’s Expo theme is “The Power of Hemp & Cannabis” and this year’s Expo will encompass all aspects of hemp and cannabis.

On Thursday May 19th, there will be a pre-Expo networking event at the Radisson. 

On Friday May 20th, we will focus on business-to-business activities and education.

On Saturday, May 21st, the Expo Hall opens with a free admission to the public as well as a variety of free educational content.

For more information about the Midwest iHemp Expo on May 20-21, 2022, you can visit the website at

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