Lori Putt, owner HOH (Hangoverhops) CBD, will be our guest. Being a small business owner in the startup hemp industry is an adventure with highs and lows. She will be sharing with everyone her CBD story which covers from seed to sales of their growing CBD business including heartwarming and often humorous tales of being a small business owner in the startup hemp industry.

Be sure to listen to a fun and interesting discussion.

HOH CBD: A Root-to-Retail™ is a Michigan-grown hemp CBD company with one of the most diverse product lines on the market. The company’s main differentiator is its Root-to-Retail business model and its investment and commitment to quality. They partner with QA entities such as VEEVA and C15 to ensure that the safest and most effective formulations are used by their customers. HOH CBD is a growing industry leader in actively educating the industry and the public through a narrative focused on quality.

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