Industrial Hemp Industry Training

Legal Update & Farming Insight

March 7, 2019 at AgroLiquid Conference Center in St Johns, Michigan 10 am – 3 pm

While the Michigan rules will still be in development we will bring you up to date on the latest information and prepare you for the next steps to plant. Plus, you will learn from industry experts some hard-learned lessons about the hemp plant, its growth, and production.

iHemp Michigan Community

We are fortunate to have a great network of industry experts who are willing to share their knowledge and resources to get Michigan’s hemp crop productive. There are benefits to all as we cultivate this important plant. A big thanks to the speakers we have committed to date.

There is seating for 100 and it is filling fast. $50 per ticket includes a nice hot lunch and pie. 

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Josh Barrett’s presentation slides.

2-Comi – Knowledge is Power

Uses of Hemp Presentation

Uses of Industrial Hemp


iHemp Michigan Presenters

Gina Alessandri


State of Michigan

Department of Agriculture & Rural Development
Pesticide & Plant Pest Management Division

We are very happy to share that Gina has accepted our invitation and will share an update on their progress writing the Michigan rules to submit to the USDA for approval. 

Joshua Colton

Joshua Colton


Attorney Colton spoke at our last conference and was very well received. Many came up to us after the conference and thanked us for making such valuable information available to them. Colton is active in helping industry leaders navigate the legal barriers to growing cannabis and hemp. He works tirelessly for the industry and is forming a Michigan chapter of HIA to help lobby for the rights of farmers.

Josh Colton, grew up in Ann Arbor Michigan and left his hometown to pursue an education in international relations and legal studies. He earned his undergraduate degree at Michigan State University and continued on to graduate from Cooley Law School.

As an attorney at Komorn Law, PLLC; a top tier litigation firm in Farmington Hills, Josh is focused on Criminal litigation, civil rights violations, Cannabis Business Licensing and Transactional Attorney and business development.

Josh Barrett

Josh Barrett

COMI Farms

Experience is the best teacher, and Josh has a lot of experience with large scale production of hemp in the midwest.

His consulting team works with a variety of university research programs.

With thousands of acres of growing and harvesting experience, you can trust that Josh can share some well-earned wisdom that you will benefit from.

James Monroe

James Monroe

Down on the Farm, LLC

BS Engineering, Masters System Management, Food Safe Certified, GAP Certified, FSMA Certified

James worked in the computer industry for 37 years. Most of those years he owned and operated his own business. His experience includes application development and project management. After retirement, he began working with farmers on food safety with GAP certification and FSMA certification.

Tom Anderson

Tom Anderson

TRICKL-EEZ Irrigation, Inc.

18 years of experience working with farmers/growers.

TRICKL-EEZ Irrigation has been designing and providing irrigation systems to a variety of markets for over forty years. Tom will explain options for irrigation that include both row crop, greenhouse, sub-surface drip, field and nursery systems.

Blain Becktold

Blain Becktold

Down On The Farm, LLC

Helping farmers is in Blain’s DNA. He retired from the USDA where he helped farmers navigate government programs.

Blain was a County Executive Director of the USDA Farm Service Agency for 27 years, administrating Government Farm Programs to farmers.

After retiring in 2011 from USDA, he formed Down On The Farm, a consulting service to assist farmers through the maze of government paperwork with the goal of receiving program benefits, and at times, helping right the wrong when farmers are denied those benefits.

Blain also helps farmers meet compliance with the new FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), and third-party audits required by buyers of fruit and vegetables.  Since each farmer’s needs are unique, the Food Safety Plan is tailored to meet those needs.

Some hemp crops will need to be certified.  Blain will cover how to’s on making that happen.

Conference Details:

March 7th 10 am until 3 pm

AgroLiquid Conference Center
3055 W M 21
St Johns, MI 48879

Tickets include entry to the conference and a nice hot lunch. Additional speakers are being confirmed and we will make the full text of the legislation that is in place currently for your review.

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To educate, inform, promote the research, development and cultivation of industrial hemp in Michigan.

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