Seth Boone

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Founded in 2011 by a veteran Cargill commodities trader and backed by a highly influential roster of trading and market data executives, PanXchange provides market structure solutions for the physical commodity markets that feed and fuel the world. As these OTC markets have traditionally been bilateral, opaque, and consequently inefficient to operate in, PanXchange’s trading platform and price discovery capabilities bring greater efficiencies to all participants: trade houses, growers/producers, distributors, end-users, and investors.

While PanXchange provides the only institutional-grade trading platform that’s patent-protected and in production in multiple markets, it’s the objective data gleaned from that activity that serves as a foundation for objective price discovery. Specifically, PanXchange is the leading benchmark price provider in the US hemp industry and the defacto benchmark price provider in the 120 million ton specialty sand market for US oil and gas, and most recently an industry leader and educator in the development of agricultural carbon credits.

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