iHemp Michigan Donates Hemp Masks to MI State Workers

June 2, 2020


June 1, 2020

Contact: Dave Crabill, 810-471-7767

(PHOTO CAPTION: iHemp Michigan Communications Director Dave Crabill (L) and MDARD Legislative Director Nathan Kark (R) model hemp face masks delivered to the State Emergency Operations Center in Lansing)

iHemp Michigan donates hemp masks to state workers

USA-made masks are reusable, durable

Michigan’s top trade association for the hemp industry today announced it has donated 200 reusable masks to state employees.

Leaders of iHemp Michigan noted the masks are made entirely in the U.S.A., constructed of cloth made from hemp fiber.

“Early in the COVID crisis, we realized masks were going to be important protective gear for some time to come,” said Dave Crabill, iHemp Michigan Communications Director. “Then we learned that one of our Michigan-based members had been using connections around the country to produce these special masks of hemp fiber.

“Purchasing and donating these to the State of Michigan is our way to support protecting front-line state employees while also demonstrating the many uses of hemp fiber.”

iHemp member JC Sutton grew up in Michigan and attended Albion College. His family owns the Sutton Weed Farm in Lenawee County, a 150-year Centennial family farm.

Sutton’s company buys hemp fabric loomed in California from hemp grown in the Kern River Basin area near Fresno, and has masks designed and sewn by a Michigan-based company that makes automotive interiors.

“We appreciate iHemp’s donation to state employees working the front lines of the COVID crisis,” said Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Director Gary McDowell. “These are a made-in-America product with ties to our great state. They also are an example of what we could be doing here in Michigan by investing in processing and manufacturing for hemp.”

The masks come in natural taupe or indigo blue, colored with a dye made from hemp that historically has been used to color textiles, including America’s first flags.

“Hemp can be used to make thousands of things we use every day,” said iHemp’s Crabill. “From fabrics to plastics to fuels to food, this plant offers a sustainable, healthy alternative to so many products.

“iHemp Michigan is working hard to support hemp farming and help coordinate the construction of processing and manufacturing to create Michigan’s hemp economy in the years ahead.”

To learn more about iHemp Michigan, go to www.iHempmichigan.com


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