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Hemp is part of the future of construction. Support has grown over the years to reduce climate change, recycle, lower carbon emissions, and convert to electric vehicles.  These green initiatives are influencing the path of construction.  Building with hemp:

  • makes a healthy structure to occupy.
  • is sustainable and stewards natural resources.
  • is POSSIBLE.
  • offers many profitable business opportunities. 

We will discuss this and more with incoming US Hemp Building Association President, Ray Kaderli.  Be sure to tune in to iHemp Hour this week.  It’s not going to be one you want to miss.

Ray Kaderli is the founder of two companies active in building homes utilizing hemp as a primary building material. He is also the incoming President of the US Hemp Building Association, a trade association that advocates and supports the use of industrial hemp in building and construction.

The first company is Hemp Build Network LLC, 

The focus of the company is to make building with hemp possible. Many people have learned the benefits of hemp but don’t know that building with hemp IS POSSIBLE. It can be difficult. You need five key components of your project or it will fail. Hemp Build Network is a network of professionals and resources that make building with hemp possible. 

The second company is Triple P Fund. 

This is an investment fund that invests with purpose on purpose. The focus of the fund is to empower investors to make a profit, benefit people, and steward the planet. To achieve this Triple P seeks to foster opportunities that connects investment with entrepreneurial creativity. The perfect example of connecting capital with creativity is the real estate investment of building houses with hemp. 

Ray likes sharing ideas about building long-term legacy wealth, and building with hemp. 

The story of people forming genuine connections in the hemp building industry is a story in itself. Ray likes connecting, sharing ideas, doing projects and enjoying where the story unfolds. Ultimately the story navigates to a “pathway to production”. This enables the ending of the story to be a healthy planet and people, but the story has just begun….

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