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Thursday, May 06, 2021 @ noon

JD Ackley has developed what has become a full-service hemp field services company. Ackley Hemp Farms has 4 farms in co-op with services including laying white mulch, transplant services, flower harvesting with the HHH 700 (one of only 8 in the US for the 2021 harvest), and an on-site auto-cure processor in southwest Michigan, along with several other minor accompanying services. JD also has a 10-acre farm where they are growing cultivars for smokable flower and working with Hemp Mine for terpenes this season.

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JD Ackley, Owner
Ackley Hemp Farms

Alec Britt, Head of Cultivation
Ackley Hemp Farms

Heinrich Wieker, Owner/Designer
HHH700 Hemp Flower Harvester

Cole, Owner/Designer

Daniel W. Meehan, Owner/Designer
New River Distilling
New Solvent-less Terpene Extraction Process

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