“We are a ‘Women Led, Veteran Owned, Michigan Grown’ CBD Hemp Company that was founded by our two families: the Huffmans and Ingraos. We are bringing science and sustainability to our regenerative farms, with Dr. Ingrao conducting the first in-depth study of the different pests that affect CBD hemp and the specific bio-controls to remediate them. The HI Hemp Company utilizes regenerative agricultural techniques, including HugelKulture, season extension with hoop houses, water and nutrient conservation through drip irrigation, pest management through interplanting of specific cover crops, and a focus on building ‘living soil.’ Our families are dedicated and working towards breaking down the barriers of entry for beginning farmers, especially Veterans.”

To learn more about HI Hemp Company, visit https://hihempmi.com.

Learn about the emerging cannabis industry and get involved in our path to a sustainable future through hemp. Visit https://ihempmichigan.com.

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