This has been an exciting year for hemp in Michigan!

Michigan was poised to take advantage of the 2018 US Farm Bill with the legislation passed in 2014, so we are off and running! MDARD released their Industrial Hemp Ag Pilot Program for the 2019 season and report that as of June 7th there have been 331 Grower Registration and 223 Processor-Handler licenses issued with more in the pipeline. There are 615 “growing locations” in Michigan that total over 25,000 acres!

As we get down to the brass tacks, the total number of acres grown in Michigan will certainly vary. Farmers are scrambling to put the plan together and plant. Growing sites will be added and subtracted from the plans for some.

MDARD has released the site modification form. I’ve linked it up below or you can visit

For all of this, we are in a learning phase.

It is our hope and plans for a prosperous harvest for Michigan and we will do everything within our power to help you succeed. Let us know what you are looking for and we will put you together with the people to help. Visit our Business Members page to see a list of our many talented business members who are ready to help.

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