We catch up with Morris Beegle as he was preparing for the 2023 NOCO event at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs.

Morris Beegle is a passionate advocate for the hemp industry and has become one of the most prominent voices in the movement to legalize and promote hemp products in the United States. He is the co-founder and president of WAFBA (We Are For Better Alternatives) LLC, a leading hemp advocacy group that aims to educate people about the benefits of hemp and advocate for the legalization of hemp products. Morris has been involved in the hemp industry for over a decade and has been instrumental in driving the industry’s growth and success. He is a well-known figure in the industry and has spoken at numerous events and conferences, including the U.S. Hemp Expo and the Hemp Industries Association Conference. In addition to his advocacy work, Morris is also a successful entrepreneur and investor. He is the founder and CEO of Colorado Hemp Company, a company that produces and sells a wide range of hemp-based products, including clothing, paper, and building materials. Morris is also a co-founder of NoCo Hemp Expo, the largest hemp-centric trade show in the world, which attracts thousands of attendees every year. He is a firm believer in the potential of hemp to revolutionize multiple industries, including agriculture, healthcare, and textiles. Through his advocacy work and entrepreneurial endeavors, Morris Beegle has become a leading figure in the hemp industry and a driving force behind the movement to legalize and promote hemp products in the United States. His dedication to this cause has inspired many others to join the fight, and his work continues to make a significant impact on the industry’s growth and success.

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