Roger Tambay, Co-Founder and Co-President of FILMORGANIC will talk about their biodegradable mulch. FILMORGANIC mulch film is a 3rd-party certified compostable-biodegradable mulch film. After harvest, it is disked into the soil. A few months after disking, micro-organisms commonly found in the ground transform it into compost. This is a great way to:

  • block weeds;
  • manage moisture;
  • provide a beneficial microclimate to plants for more yield; and
    avoid generating plastic garbage.

Who is FILMORGANIC? “We know how hard it is to work on a farm. That’s why our mission is to simplify your job while improving your soil quality for your crops by using environmentally friendly mulch film. It’s productive and economical. We provide the most complete line of soil-biodegradable mulch films available on the market — and the only ones to offer mulch films with a predictable lifespan. Our technology is proprietary and our processes unique.”

Loads of features with FILMORGANIC:

  • High tensile strength film is easy to lay
  • Wind stable, stays put, doesn’t wobble in the wind
  • Disk-in after harvest, gone within weeks or a few months
  • Series 46, 66 and 88 have at least a 30-day seeding window
  • Series 66 (6 months) and series 88 (8 months) have gridlines for optimal tension
  • Available in Clear, Black, Smart Stripes, CoolWhite and Reflective
  • Lower total cost solution than plastic mulch film


James DeDecker, PhD from MSU will join us for a quick overview of the Midwestern Hemp Database! This 2021 project is a collaboration between land grant institutions and private laboratories in the Midwest. The goal of this project is to provide regional insight into agronomic performance and cannabinoid development of industrial hemp varieties. In short, participation in this program provides an exciting opportunity to receive significantly discounted cannabinoid profiling at $35 per sample.

This project is made possible through an extremely generous partnership with several private laboratories – Rock River Laboratory, Inc., Pride Analytics and Consulting (Wisconsin) and ACT laboratories (Illinois). Results from the 2020 growing season are available at!


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