Shira Adler — called the “voice of our time” is a highly-vetted speaker, educator, and renowned author of “The ABCs of CBD: The Essential Guide” (hailed as the “industry bible” and which has sold more than 15,000 copies). Shira is a media wellness personality and an early Pioneer in the integrative wellness space, recognized for having created a first-in-class product series – her Aromatherapy Synergy Sprays – and remains passionately dedicated to “modern alchemy” blending ancient plant-based wisdom with cutting edge science.

Shira started her company, now called Synergy by Shira Adler, in 2011, because she understood the gaping hole in the marketplace for effective, holistic, and integrative care and was looking to create solutions to support her own family as a single mom with two young kids. Shira has launched a large new agritech company: EcoSynergy, LLC to support deeper and more accurate research that upholds both biodiversity and sustainability across both medical and industrial cannabis applications. EcoSynergy expands the vision of eco-innovation: correcting and deeply enhancing cannabioscience research and products, data, and agritech industrial solutions.

Join us on the iHemp Hour as we talk with Shira Adler!

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