The Good Works of Hemp Harvest Works and Bish Enterprises

Thursday, Oct 28, 2021 @ 6PM EST

Andrew Bish is the Founder and CEO of Hemp Harvest Works and COO of Bish Enterprises, based out of Giltner, Nebraska.

Keren Gutierrez is the Account Sales Executive for Bish Enterprises.

Bish Enterprises is a third-generation harvest equipment manufacturer, founded in 1976. Bish Enterprises is known worldwide for combine header adapters, innovative design, custom engineering, and research technology.

Hemp Harvest Works is a machinery sales business focused on bringing a complete line of equipment and ancillary solutions to hemp producers and processors.

Andrew’s service philosophy founded the mission of the Nebraska Hemp Industries Association. As President, his vision is to increase awareness and increase opportunities for hemp farmers, processors, manufacturers and retailers through advocacy, education, partnerships and leadership development.

In addition to the day-to-day operations, Andrew also serves as Director of the Colorado Hemp Industries Association, Vice President of the Hemp Feed Coalition, and Director of the Standing Committee of Hemp Organizations. Andrew is reaching industries and influencers across the world to develop leadership and advocacy in hemp harvest works.

Since 2015, Andrew has welcomed others to join his focus, to identify and resolve the many issues currently facing hemp harvesting and processing, while continuing to develop solutions for the other commodities that create a greater sustainable agriculture.

Join us on the iHemp Hour as we learn about the good works of Hemp Harvest Works and Bish Enterprises!

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