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Hemp Growers Registration for iHemp Members!

The hard work from a wide variety of sources has paid off and the word could finally be made public on Thursday, April 18th. Of course it was that day, because we were on the road to Iowa to meet with the Iowa Dept of Ag, State Police, University and a group of farmers to talk hemp!

What a crazy scramble working mobile to get members set up and emails sent out. Then the phones started ringing and game on!

It all culminated on Monday, April 22nd, which coincidentally was Earth Day. We didn’t want to make a big announcement about our trial run with MDARD so it was a bit hush hush as we worked to get our members there. The work paid off and we had about fifty growers applications filed in a few hours. Here is a pic of the MDARD registration team and iHemp leadership.

Now we get down to work to get our plants started, soil ready and deals made with processors.

Make sure you are on our email list to get invites and updates. Most information is free and available to the public, but some special events are for members only. Your $50 individual or $100 annual business membership fee provides some funds to help us operate. We appreciate all of the support everyone has shown and there are some big plans in the works!

Reach out to us if you have questions or resources to share with our members. We are here to educate, inform and promote the industrial hemp industry.

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