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Wednesday, Jun 17, 2020 @ noon

Dawn Schultz & Eric McKee of the US Hemp Building Association will bring us up to speed on the emerging hemp building industry. If you have not looked into Hemp Crete or Hemp Lime yet, there are resources to review on their website: USHBA.org

“Fiber will dwarf the cannabinoid market for hemp in the coming years. We are fortunate to have such talented, committed leaders at the USHBA to drive this change,” said Dave Crabill, Communications Director of iHemp Michigan.

Eric is a founder of the USHBA and brings a lot of experience from Wndr, a Colorado company he founded to focus on sustainability and style with economic viability in building with hemp.

Dawn brings her experience as a controller and project manager to the association as their Interim Executive Director. Dawn also brings extensive experience in verticlly integrated seed to sale with over 400 plant varieties. 

The USHBA team includes a variety of diciplines and skill sets that will be a driving force as we build out the supply chain for fiber usage in building. They are working towards the goal of certifying hemp lime as a building material. You can learn more about the certification processes here.

Ask your questions and view the interview live on the iHemp Hour Thursday June 18th from noon until 1 pm EST.


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