ReBlocks Goes Hemp Infused – These Are Not Lincoln Logs

What would you build?” is the common question being asked by those that see these incredible new blocks. Just when you were thinking that life as an adult couldn’t get any better, ReBlocks came along to put an innovative twist on a product that has been used in South America.

Louis Hard & Adam Dietrich join us for our IHemp Hour to tell us about this ingenious building block. ReBlocks is a Denver, CO based building block company that has been in the US for 1 year.  Prior to that, these blocks were used in South America for tiny home builds and disaster relief efforts. The current formula incorporates all “1-7” plastic categories found in landfills globally. They have created a hemp infused plastic block prototype that has shown great results.

Ask your questions and view the interview live on the iHemp Hour Thursday June 25th from noon until 1 pm EST.



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