JOI Guitars creates first-ever acoustic guitar from Hemp Wood

May 24, 2021

A celebration of farming, industrial AG design and music all done with a vision of environmentalism

 This guitar’s unique story connects to more than just guitar enthusiasts, also to the way many peoples beliefs are shifting to environmentally conscious appreciation and support for community. This guitar embodies the plight of the visionary people, farmers, manufacturing, and craftsmanship, all equally important in creating with the intention to build a world that embodies healthy values, a beautiful blend of technology and tradition created into the world’s first traditionally built Hemp wood guitar.

This guitar blends the age old tradition of farming with acoustic guitar craftsmanship, crafted into the world’s first traditionally built acoustic hempwood guitar. There have been challenges to this build that are unlike any project I have worked on prior. Thankfully, I have innovated methods to ensure the guitar is incredibly structurally sound. For instance, I have integrated carbon fibre and kevlar honeycomb material where extra strength was needed. I find this challenge very rewarding, as I am able to create a world class guitar and story piece. I feel that this work will speak to the heart of the world through innovators, whether that be farmers, musicians, manufacturers, and craftsmen.

A few words from Greg Wilson, the visionary behind Hemp wood design and production:     
Fibonacci, LLC aims to be a catalyst for a wave of innovation consumed by the idea that our cultural shift towards a more sustainable way of living is no longer a luxury, but a requirement. By using the algorithm of a tree, we have reverse engineered the natural growth cycle of plant-based materials and utilized bio-mimicry to transform hemp fibers and protein based bonding agents into a viable wood substitute that is 100 times faster to grow and 20% stronger than oak. With all typical wood applications being the core function of HempWood, the possibilities are nearly endless.

The idea of using hemp as a sustainable wood substitute was inspired by the experiences of our founder, Greg, while he was working for a bamboo flooring company years ago. Since then, Greg and his development team have worked tirelessly adapting the process of creating bamboo-based lumber into one that utilizes different plant species instead, like eucalyptus and hemp (patented).

Our intention has never been to just create another lumber product, but instead to benefit humanity by providing a viable wood alternative that helps the environment by removing the devastating effects of deforestation from the harvesting process while introducing a new cash crop to the farmers of the world, which will undoubtedly disrupt the $60+ billion dollar a year wood industry.

There are so many brilliant things about  Hemp Wood

  • Environmentally it absorbs 4X more CO2 in its lifetime than the same area as a forest.

  • Hempwood is an alternative to oak and maple woods-

  • Hempwood is 20% stronger and grows 100X faster than oak

  • If 2.6% of the US farmland was dedicated to the cultivation of industrial hemp, it could displace a massive amount of its annual wood consumption, letting the trees stand.

  • An agricultural diversity plant that gives farmers an opportunity to make a good living.

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