MSU Bulletin on Industrial Hemp

June 1, 2019

MSU Extension has recently released an introductory bulletin about growing industrial hemp in Michigan, E3402 Industrial Hemp Production in Michigan.  This effort has been led by Dr. Kurt Thelen.  Other people involved in this effort are; Chris DiFonzo, Erin Burns, Marty Chilvers, Dean Baas, James DeDecker, Brooke Wilke, Marilyn Thelen, Eric Anderson. The bulletin can be found on the MSU Hemp Production website.  The website also contains answers to Frequently Asked Questions that can be helpful in answering general questions about hemp production in Michigan for 2019.  If you have done your homework already, there may not be any new information in these resources, but for those who are just starting in this arena, they lay the groundwork for what is currently known about the crop and the industry.

Eric Anderson
Michigan State University Extension
Field Crops Educator – St. Joseph County
612 E. Main St., Centreville, MI 49032
(269) 467-5510 (Office)
(269) 467-5641 (Fax)

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