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Adams Independent Testing prides itself on being an unbiased, third-party lab for producers, processors, and retailers of industrial hemp, as well as our real customer service. We provide quick, accurate testing in the form of using a Certificate of Analysis for the following:

– Cannabinoid Profile/Potency
– Pesticides
– Mycotoxins
– Heavy Metals
– Moisture/Water Activity
– Residual Solvents
– Terpenes
– Microbials

We Have Over 100 Years Combined Experience in Testing!
The owners, Steve Adams, Mike Adams, Kia Mikesh & Mark Adams, have a combined 100 years of experience in the agricultural testing industry, which is currently regulated under the Agricultural Marketing Service. This is the same agency that determines the federal industrial hemp regulations. Those working for AIT have no vested interest in entities buying and selling industrial hemp to help keep the results 100% unbiased.
We built our sister grain testing company with the notion that better things come to those who work together. We found ways to get grain test results to producers, elevators, and shippers in the quickest ways without sacrificing the integrity of the certificate. Testing can be a large part of your operation and we want to make it a seamless process to obtain your test results.

Stay Connected!
We cannot wait to talk with more people that share the same passion for the industrial hemp industry as we do! If there are other tests or needs that we may be able to help you with, don’t hesitate to ask. We plan on continual growth for our services so we are a one-stop-shop for your testing needs!

Be sure to check out the videos we have linked to our booth. Follow us on Instagram to ensure you stay in the know, as we love to share education content to help producers, processors, and retailers succeed in this budding industry (pun intended!). Midwest iHemp Expo attendees are eligible to receive 15% off of their first round of testing! Just visit

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