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HOH Welcomes You to Feel the Difference.

A Seed to Sale, Michigan Grown Hemp company.

WHO WE ARE: Farming is part of our DNA, inspired by our father’s/grandfather’s. We are committed to offer certified, highest quality CBD products that are affordable to everyone. We are family owned and operating a fully integrated business that produces a superior quality product with a ‘white glove’ customer experience. We offer a wide range of business opportunities to engage in: Retail, Wholesale, and Private Label Products, as well as Specialty Farm Services, Extraction, and Short Path Distillation.

DIVERSE PRODUCT LINE: Check out our product brochure for a complete list of our full, broad-spectrum, and custom formulate products. We are rooted in a full 360-degree feedback loop — design> customer feedback > innovation> test > validate > repeat.

OUR “WHY”: We invest in building our community of hemp businesses by sharing insights and guidance, so we can succeed together. Our HOH brand is fueled by smart innovation like delivery technologies such as water soluble, lipid encapsulated, and nano technology coupled with a Customer First Focus.

Come feel the difference with us.

Doug Putt


Sarah Pope

Marketing Manager

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