Industrial Hemp Expo

June 26, 2019

Midwest iHemp Expo January 10 & 11, 2020

All about Industrial Hemp in one setting to learn and plan for a successful 2020!

As hundreds of farmers around Michigan plant industrial hemp for the first time, we are all in a process of learning. iHemp Michigan was formed to help with that process of learning and understanding the market for industrial hemp. Through our workshops and seminars, we help answer many of the questions with the help of experts from other states who have grown. All with the understanding and knowledge that things might be a little different in Michigan.

While we are all eagerly anticipating fall harvest and the bounty of our yield this season, the real value is in the knowledge we gain to make 2020 a banner season. There will be successes, mistakes, and failures this growing season as we early adopters jump in to grow this season. Together we can gather this accumulated knowledge and build on that to plan a successful season for 2020.

Join us at the Expo in January. We are bringing in dozens of experts from around the country to host workshops. Equipment manufacturers will be displaying their wares, plus you can network and learn from each other.

To help us manage the expo we have launched a second website that is under development, Over the next few weeks, we will be building out the site to manage this large event. Look for further updates as we finalize the details. We welcome your input for workshops and vendors that you would like to see at the expo, please contact



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